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    ezRPG 2.0 | Discontinued Development GitHub.

    ezRPG is a modular game engine written in PHP. The main focus of ezRPG 2.0 is to offer a flexible, secure, and most of all — usable game engine.

    Status of this release

    This version of ezRPG is aimed to be a complete overhaul of all earlier versions. On June 2013, ezRPG 2.0 was officially announced to the public with no intended release date.

    This project is currently in an Alpha to Beta transitioning phase. Features are still added on a regular base, and many APIs will change within the course of daily developments. All code of this project is strictly for the eyes of the ezRPG Project Contributors.

    Notes on Compatibility

    ezRPG 2.0 does not aim to be compatible with any previous versions of the engine. Any similarity within this project to earlier versions are purely coincidental, and cannot be mistaken for any sort of backwards compatibility.


    ezRPG 2.0 is distributed under the BSD 3-clause license. See LICENSE.md for more information.

    Need some help? Check out the ezRPG Forums — EN.

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