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    ezRPG 1.0.7 lang GitHub.

    1.Added module 50×50, a developer JesterC;
    2.Added module BlackJack, a developer tREMor;
    3.Added module Forum, a developer DJPredator;
    4.Upgrade InstallModules for further localization engine;
    5.System added localization for: English, German and Russian language.

    ezRPG 1.0.6 tREMor
    1.Added module TopPlayers, a developer tREMor;
    2.Added module Hospital2, a developer tREMor;
    3.Added module GameStatistics, a developer Hedge;
    4.Upgrade InstallModules for encoding -utf8 for further localization engine;
    5.Update admin panel, added to the list of developers.

    ezRPG 1.0.5 JesterC
    1.Added module Attack (game pad) while one-sided model is implemented (you attack and your opponent learns about it only after updating their pages), a developer JesterC;
    2.Added module Mailbox, in-game mail, a developer JesterC;
    3.Added module test Items (admin panel), the creation and editing of objects;
    4.Updated module is Members (admin panel), added BAN users;
    5.Update admin panel.

    ezRPG 1.0.4 zeggy
    version 1.0.4 assembly of modules from the author engine
    1.The Banking module.
    2.The mining control module.
    3.The module of job vacancies.
    4.Module fighting with bots with admin panel.
    5.The library is created class of objects, sorted by types of items as well as items module.

    This assembly of modules enables the user to:
    •Engaged in resource extraction;
    •To get a job to earn money;
    •To invest their savings in the bank;
    •To participate in the battles to earn experience points to improve;
    •Create objects (weapons, potions, etc.)

    Need some help? Check out the ezRPG Forums — EN, ezRPG Forums — RU

    1.Download latest version of ezRPG — GitHub.
    2.Visit yourgame.com/docs/index.html in your browser to read the documentation of the engine.
    3.Give read/write permission to:
    4.Before installing the engine — create an empty database.
    5.To set the engine to visit yourgame.com/install/ in your browser and follow the instructions.

    ezRPG is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license. A copy of the license is included in the distribution of the engine.

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